What is infertility as per ayurveda?After 2 years of regular interval of unprotected  physical relation if woman is unable to conceive then it may be termed as Infertility. 
There could be various reasons amongst female Infertility
1)It could be delay in menstruation,
2)Hormonal imbalance
3)No ovulation , irregular menstruation,
4)Over stress,
5)Less knowlege about proper physical activities,
6)Improper food and sleep habits this can cause infertility after that major surgery ,any uterine abnormolity , tube blockages can be a cause of the female Infertility.
In males ,late night working, alcohol consumption, over stress life style, any major scrotal surgery can cause sperm defect.
Ratio of infertility is 80:20 female :male , Ayurveda has huge range of herbs and authentic medication , vyayam aahar, vihar and then suddha ayurved chikitsa.
Ayurved was the first to discover and introduce Test Tube baby concept.
During the reign of Mahabharata , Kaurava’s were the first introduce test tube baby, Inside the sutika scriptures all details are given starting from kamsutra , to the conception followed by the baby birth.

Diet Lifestyle Herbs Treatment 

Home remedies

Male infertility 

What is the male infertility? 

When sperm count is abnormal, fructose count is 0, or sperm count is 0 and due to that impontency occurs called male inferlity.

Why it occures? Life style– 

1. Ratri jagran means awaking whole night it can cause increase body temperature, acidity and constipation which can couse abnormal sperms

2. Exess use of lap top on lap Due to heat magnetic waves vaat becomes disturb and can cause irectile disfunction

3. Hot and spicy food, exess non veg ahar it can causes pitta ( acidity due that constipation)

 4. Low water intake, excessive usage and exposure to Air conditioner, less intake of water , indigestion Need to improve this life styl

Diet Morning healthy home made diet (same in female inferlity) 

Home remedyJirak and hot water khwath is best home remedy in this Also urad dal provides best result in shukra dhatu

Treatment As treatment part we prefer basti chikitsa in this Shukra sthapan and shukra janan basti

Herbs Mostly are the combination of Ashwagangha ,Shilajatu ,Kesar- Saffron ,Elaichi-Cardamom

Infertility for women:
Yoni vyapadThe causes of such types of disorders are as follows:

 Mithya achara – improper diet

 Pradusta artava- less blood flow in menses 

 Dukha Prasava – over exertion 

 Abhighata – injury,  Immature pregnancy 

 Surgical intervention

 Lifting of heavy object 

 Chronic coughing for continuous long period

 Genetic or hereditary defects

As per sushrut Udavarta Upward, backward direction of uterus

Vandhya Woman other delivered abnormal fetus or become infertile

Vipluta Non cleanliness of vagina microbs devolup couses itching 

PariplutaIt’s pittaj yoni vyapad where extremely pain during coitus

Acharana Due to microbes itching and due to this female craving for more coitus

Putraghni Constant abortion 

Vamini After intercose semens imidiatly comes out

Mahayoni Tonight patan or prolaps urerus

There are 20 yoni vyapad as per acharya charak

Exessive sexual activities, uneven bed, wrong timing, artav dosh means scanty menses, bij dosh improper rupture or bad ovulation this all are happens due to yonivyapada.