Sadanand Rajashray

Where we provide authenthic ayurved chikitsa in holistic & modern way.

Why Sadanand Ayurved Rajashray

We follow Dincharya – from brahma muhurtam (getting uo at morning 6′ clock till night all are in authentic way.

Body Detox – After dincharya means mind & soul clining your session stants to the body. Detox includes panchakarma & Upkarma

The rules of good conduct who adopts it will surely attain long life, health, wealth, reputation & also the eternal world.

Rajashray Chikitsa

We promote ayurvedic start of the day-
1) Brahma Muhurt- Morning getting up with shlok & pavitra mantra.
2) Then as per old literature in ayurved your day starts.
3) We follow your pulse reading (Naadi Parikshan) according body detox & yoga will be given to you.
4) Then for Mannashuddhi (Mind Cleaning) we provide meditation, mantrajaap & puja in holistic manner in this your horoscope will get studdied by our expert.
And as per your planet we provide Mannashuddhi.
5) Your diet is designed by expert advice as per Nadi- Pariksha-Horoscope & plannet sign and get served to you.
E.g For Vata Prakruti – food is prepared with homemade ghee, more use of sweet, soups, deserts advisable for you.